Well Bowlsby pretty well set it straight

  • Reading an article from ESPN , the Head of the Big East Has stated IF no students on campus for the fall Semester there would be no fall sports.

    Bob Bowlsby pretty much echoed that statement yesterday. Bowlsby said : The Big 12 WILL NOT have sports in the fall if Students were not allowed on Campus.

    Bowlsby stated , If the new normal becomes everybody is going to College on line , then our Football players , our Volley Ball Players , Our Soccer Players , Our Cross Country Ahtletes . are Students. An if they are not enrolled in School , then they can’t be Student Athletes Bowlsby said. They need to be enrolled in School

    I think at this point it’s pretty much a toss up as to whether kids will be allowed back. Have heard we hit the Peak , BUT have also heard they are fully expecting a 2nd wave. I wouldn’t want to bet the bank one way or another at this point.

    That in turn brings up the question I asked the other day here , I KNOW someone here has to have some idea/opinion. IF and again I said if IT turns out we have no Football , IF we have no Basketball an other sports and such - - what happens to eligibility of these kids class wise ? - say does someone just lose their Sophomore year , Freshman year ? - Does a Senior lose his last year of Eligibilty ? - that would suck ROCK CHALK ALL DAY LONG BABY

  • I think we’re in the very early part of one of those pandemic movies where someone says, “remember when we used to all pack an arena?”

    And the other guy points his gun at you and says, “just give me that can of beans.”

  • @DanR ah jeez!

  • The way to really get life back, besides a working vaccine, is to have affordable, accurate, immediate testing for the active virus. This would let crowds come together again and people would feel safe that the people they are scrunched up with in a stadium are virus-free. Test at the gate. Give everyone a squirt of hand sanitizer so their hands are clean, too.

    Test at the mall, test everywhere. This will also give us immediate containment. I can’t believe the world doesn’t come together and make this priority #1!

  • @Crimsonorblue22 said in Well Bowlsby pretty well set it straight:


    Thanks for sharing the article. I just don’t know my friend, I don’t think anyone really knows for sure. - -I sure hope the students can get back - -get the campus re-opened. I’m just really worried that football is going to get missed - - NO FOOTBALL that would be a major hit for Universities on the Revenue - - -keeping fingers crossed. - -ROCK CHALK ALL DAY LONG BABY

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