Les & the future of KU Football

  • was thinking this earlier today & then heard it brought upon the Local sports talk off WIBW.

    Curious what happens with Les after this 5 year contract? - - how many of you actually think there is any chance Les renews his contract? - This was brought up on the sports talk. I actually have thought the same , Les isn’t getting any younger you know.

    I personally think Les WILL NOT renew , and neither does most that I’ve heard. Saying that just means would be nice to be able to name a re-placement off his current staff, maybe even Dearmon. Hopefully by the end of his 5 years we will have this program headed back into a better position, IF and when he retires then hiring someone from the current staff - -keeping the same type of offensive scheme/defensive scheme would be a huge bonus - - no disruption. - If we don’t have this at least turned around to some degree by the end of Les contract then I’m afraid we will never get this turned around.

    One thing I will say for this current staff, that we didn’t hear about former staffs - mercy these guys get after it. - - Already 133 offers out for the year of 2022, and even more insane Ku has 29 offers out for 2023 already - - JUMPIN - - GEE - - HOSSIE - - TOADS. - -the latest two offers went to Abdul Muhammad a 5’9 CB out of Dallas Texas KU was his 1st offer although it shows California & KU

    Then we have a offer out to another John Randle. - -Who remembers John that played running back for KU. - -We offer John Randle out of Wichita 6’ & 170 lbs already has 5 offers. - - KU - - Nebraska - - K-State - - Iowa - - & Oklahoma State. - -you can’t say this staff doesn’t get after it.

    Let’s hope for the best. Would be sweet to have Les stay past 5 - -but I just wonder

  • I think Les could go through 2025 just to have a shot at Missouri. That’s going to be THE indicator if we made the right hire or not with him. Recruit all HS kids for 5 years and see where we are. It’ll make the program a lot more attractive for the next guy, whoever he is. Plus the stadium will at least be far down the tracks (look for something similar to Sporting Park when the plans come out).

    I remember John and his brother Joseph at Okie Lite. Hopefully little John is less of a head case than those dudes.

  • I don’t expect Les to be at KU that long. I think he gets us back to respectability and then we try to hand it off to someone like Dearmon and keep a lot of the staff intact. Of course, if Les becomes okay with mostly being a figurehead and letting the staff run most things, he could stay longer than I think.

  • @hawkfan01 probably need to protect him from Covid too!

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