Louisville receives NOA from NCAA

  • I’m just kind of curious. Wondering how Louisville allegations and possible Sanctions match up with ours.

    Louisville received a Level one , which is the most serious ( did we get a level one ? ) they are accused of improper recruiting offer ( For Brian Bowen ) for recruiting inducement & extra benefits provided by two Adidas employees and two former assistant Coaches.

    Louisville also got hit with two level two for allegations for the assistant recruiting Violations , impermissible transportation & impermissible contact & for the University failing to adequately monitor the recruitment of an incoming high profile student-athlete.

    Pitino also received a level two for failing to satisfy head Coaching responsibility and promoting an atmosphere of compliance ( is that comparison to what that alleged Coach Self ) - -his was something like institutional control right ? - -sounds pretty much the same to me. - -Anybody ?

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