"The Scheme" HBO Doc

  • Just aired last night. A good look into Christian Dawkins and the FBI’s case.

    Will Wade and Sean Miller đź‘€

    The NCAA after watching this - “umm I guess we should investigate huh. Oh that’s Nike though I don’t know we better ask for permission first. On 2nd thought we’ll think about it.”

  • The “investigation” was a 100% complete shit show. First, this is the definition of entrapment. Second, the 2 FBI agents…really, the 1 (D’Angelo) was an idiot. The absolute DUMBEST investigation I’ve ever seen…and I watch a lot of documentaries and crime shows.

    Every minute that passes during the show makes me realize that this KU on probation thing…aint gonna happen based on any “evidence” from this piece of shit.

  • …As I have been saying, I don’t think we’re going to get much of anything.

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