Crowning a Champion.

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    First and foremost hope you all are doing good.

    As a sports fan, I feel like a junkie looking for a fix. The Coronavirus has brought the sports world to a halt including the NCaa basketball tournament. Way down on the level of importance. The Coronavirus has ruined the greatness of a Jayhawk team.

    I really believed this current team was built for a tournament run. They had the ability to overcome a hot shooting team. They could play crazy defense. They had pride. They had Moxie.

    My question to you all. Should the NCaa (doing the lowercase a’s on purpose) have crowned a champion without the tournament? Kind of like the Helms Champions? And if they did would KU win?

  • Yes… this team proved several times they could beat teams who shot hot from treysville.

    So easy to imagine them thrashing the field to the trophy… improving with every game… a truly great road team!

    I think the NCAA has plenty of other problems to worry about right now besides crowning a champion. They live off the earnings from March Madness… and some of that money works it’s way back to universities… who are also in deep trouble!

    I wish the only bad news was we didn’t get our chance to prove ourselves in March, but we all have a lot more to worry about right now.

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