Happy 25th Anniversary

  • On a day that should have been my favorite day of the sports year (but instead gives me viewing choices of nonstop virus coverage or nonstop Tom Brady coverage, a little glimmer of joy…

    25 years ago today, Tyus Edney of UCLA drove down the court to hit the winning basket that beat Mizzou.

    I got to go to the Final Four that year at the Kingdome. The Bruins beat Arkansas in the title game, though truth be told, my favorite memory was when Bryant “Big Country” Reeves of OSU broke the backboard with a dunk that shattered the backboard.

  • Oops…make that “broke the backboard during the Friday practice session.” Anyway, a memory of less serious times.

  • @nwhawkfan Is there a difference between virus coverage and Brady coverage?

  • Another year, another #1 seed, another early exit against a Virginia team we should have beat. It’d have been easier to cheer Tyus’ heroics had we been more successful, but I’m still in shock we got manhandled by Virginia like that.

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