Happy St. Paddy's Day ! / Gary on Feherty

  • Hope everyone is celebrating safely today. As for me, I’m getting ready to bake some soda bread. Had a heck of a time finding buttermilk, though…went to three different stores before I could find any. Guess some people think they can’t make it thru the Apocalypse without buttermilk.

    Speaking of the Irish, David Feherty’s show with Gary Woodland is re-airing twice later today on Golf Channel. They did the long-form interview inside Allen Field House.

    It originally aired last week, but with all that’s gone on over the past few days, you may have missed it. If you don’t get the channel on your cable system, a couple of clips from the show are on the Golf Channel website.

  • @nwhawkfan lol. One of my interns a few years back drank buttermilk thinking it would be extra delicious. This poor guy was pretty clueless. He had tripe and lengua without knowing what they were that summer as well. He about hurled when I told him he ate cow tongue and intestines. 😂

  • Me Irish eyes are still smiling 😉

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