Things I would like to see between now and tourney time...

    1. Quick rebound outlet passes - Doke should be able to whip that ball out quickly and with a speedster like Devon, we should get several run out baskets. This addition would catch teams off guard and give us instant offense.

    2. Establish a full court press - great way to change a game. Since we’ve got Doke back at the basket, we should be able to utilize an effective press. This isn’t something we need to run all the time. But when we need to change the tempo of a game this is a great tool.

    3. Everyone working on free throws - most everyone on this team should shoot better at the line. We are losing lots of points every game at the line.

    4. Quicker feeds to the post - our perimeter players overthink their passes into the post. Their passes are predictable, off target and often ill timed. We need to speed up passing. Watch our offense and you will see our bigs and other guys cutting through the lane, being wide open for a split second. If we could learn to pass quickly we could dominate with scoring in the post.

  • @drgnslayr Wish Dok or someone could outlet pass like Cole Aldrich. Cole was amazing at pushing the pace with long inbounds passes.

  • @dylans

    I think about Jojo and him punching it out to the opposite FT line in a split second!

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