Ol , Huggy Bear, I actually really like the guy / postgame

  • Lol, hey my friends have any of you ever listened to a Huggy Bear postgame conference ? - It’s great. - -If there was ever a coach that could/ and can intimidate a group of reporters during a post game - - It for sure is Huggy lol - -I actually think Huggy is a good Coach , he just is still having an issue with some his players. Talked about how earlier in the year they was coming in an hour early for practice - - -not any more.

    I have never seen a group of reporters who just almost seemed gun shy to ask questions to Huggy. There was one reporter that ask Huggy about the turnovers last night Huggy’s response - - - well we turned it over 19 times - - -not 20 - - - - just 19 so were improving lmao. - -

    Huggy later in postgame said and you could tell he was getting umm lets say he was getting tired of it - he said I’m trying guys - - I’m trying - - I’m trying to get these guys they said heis point guards had ZERO ASSISTS & EIGHT turnovers. - Huggy said I’m trying guys , and then said he was just bullshitting the reporters trying to tell them something so he could get the hell out of postgame so he didn’t get pissed off lmao - -just found it amusing - -Huggy comes across almost at times as dry on his innerviews as Les does in football - - Hugs is actually a pretty cool guy - - ROCK CHALK ALL DAY ONG BABY

  • @jayballer73 he and Self are friends. They alluded to hanging out together last time we were in Morgantown. I think he deeply loves basketball and the process of coaching guys up. He cares about his players.

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