Benton Smith: Jayhawks fortunate to win on off day for Udoka Azubuike

  • That’s what you call having a good team. - - A Good team , a soli team when they have off days , one of they’re players have an off game - - the team STILL finds a way to pull together and win.

    If you noticed every time Tech made a run - KU had an answer and would stretch it back out, ya they could of folded, but they didn’t - - that’s the sign of a good team, - - having an answer, good times find ways to win , even on off days One player is off - - others there to pick up the slack.

    Was really impressed with the way Moss stepped up yesterday - the way McCormack played yesterday , Coach even commented on Dave, these are the types of things you need. Players that come step forward in Big time situations when others are off. You win as a team , You lose as a team. - - No ONE guy wins a Game by themselves , no ONE guy loses a Game by themselves. - - ROCK CHALK ALL DAY LONG BABY

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