Boy , going back mercy we had some talent didn't even remember

  • Was up early this morning was surfing TV, just came across by coincidence on ESPN 2. There we were playing Georgetown in 2013 around Christmas - just beating them like a drum. - -Mercy we had talent everywhere - would of been a great time for a Nattie.

    Tarik Black ( 17 points ) - -Embiid ( Fr ) – Wayne S. - - - Wiggins - - Lucas - - Mason – Tharpe - Then believe saw Greene sitting the bench - just a good old fashion butt kicking like ended up 86-54 mercy what we could do with these guys now Especially with what seems like a very down year talent wise and scoring wise. – ROCK CHALK ALL DAY LONG BABY

  • @jayballer73 that unit was very raw. This team should outperform them if we can get our roles right.

  • @approxinfinity I wish

    Black > McCormack

    Embiid > Dok

    Freshman Mason = hurt Dotson

    Freshman Mason < healthy sophomore Dotson

    Wiggins > Ochai

    Freshman Selden =< Garrett

    Ugg. Could be a first weekend flameout. I hadn’t thought about the talent critically. Maybe the sum of the whole can be greater than the individual pieces?

  • Don’t forget Perry Ellis.

    And this was the year Traylor posted an 18 PER. His best season by a long shot.

    The Stanford game I will never forget. An absolute low point. I’ll leave it there … kind of. J. Dawkins > 2014 Tournament Self

    Self blamed Wiggins off day. Took zero responsibility. I remember Wiggins saying he always had people on him. Again, the inability to counter another team’s scheme. We talked a lot about moving him off the wing to the high post. An adjustment Self obviously didn’t make. From a New York Times article, “Self said Wiggins had an off-game. “I’m sad for our team, and I’m sad for him,” Self said. “It wasn’t our day, and it wasn’t his day today”."

    I loved those days on this site … vigorous debate.

    Good lord, we finally pressed late in that game and amazing things happened. Couldn’t do it earlier of course.

    And before the tourney, knowing Embiid was out.

    I guess I didn’t leave it there. We pressed near the end and go back in it. I did a post, pre-tournament, that suggested we simply play at a faster pace without Embiid.

    That took me down the rabbit hole. Deep breathing. Thinking happy thoughts.

  • @approxinfinity

    THIS team is raw aside from Doke and Marcus.

    Dotson is NOT comfortable running a team yet. Agbaji is not a playmaker, not a pure shooter, and still a bad decision-maker on slashes. David, Braun, Silvio, Enaruna all have a long way to go.

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