Caliparis book and change of ncaa rules


    I like some of these-but would tweek a couple of them.

    Loan against future earning limited to 10k per year in school

    One paid trip home per semester.

  • It’s a slippery slope. Once breached, it won’t end.

    You have militant folks (Jay Bilas) that argue that the NCAA is a “cartel” and are engaged in price fixing. He believes that each institution should be able to bid on players. If the NCAA limits that bidding, then it is guilty of collusion.

    We love KU hoops. This is the biggest threat to what we love.

  • Yes I know it’s a very slippery slope. I would like to see some very small adjustments. When I was at KU the full rides got room, board, tuition books, and $35 a month for laundry.

    I still like that with an adjustment for 2014 laundry prices.

    I just put this in IF some thing like this happened and no way to stop it I would tweek Cal’s idea.

  • If kids get paid, or whatever happens, cheating is still going to happen. Boosters are still going to want to benefit kids. It will never end.

  • There has to be something in place to give athletes a shot at affordable health insurance after they leave school, especially if they suffer injuries while playing school ball.

    That in itself, would relieve a small bit of pressure for these kids to leave early.

    If we raised their stipend, too, it would help ease some of the financial pressures to leave early.

    I vote for anything that will encourage these kids to stay in school.

    I have to hand it to Calipari on this one…

  • The biggest thing to help would be a 2AD rule change, or let them go pro out of Kid must play college 2 yrs, once he enters college (or make the NBA age “20”…). Look, nobody has to really worry about kids leaving early, unless they are legitimately thought to be 1st round picks, or lotto picks. That’s very few kids, folks. We (and KY) are only talking about it, because we get a lot of those types. And having your “top talent” leave is a huge hit for any team.

    Calipari and Self both want the 2yr rule.

  • I favor the baseball rule, go directly to the NBA from HS or stay in college 3 years. This gives student-athletes that do not make it to the League (which is most of them) a real change in life since they can easily complete their degrees if basketball does not work out.

  • @JayHawkFanToo I completely agreee, baseball has the best system as far as this goes even allowing them to get drafted to see where they go and if they don’t sign they can go to college still.

  • @HawkInMizery

    “I completelyagreee, baseblal has the best system as far as this goes even allowing them to get drafted to see where they go and if they don’t sign they can go to college still.”

    That’s the part I like. Let these kids see where they go and how high, and if they don’t like it they can stay in school.

    What other job works this way where you are pushed out of something in order to throw your hat in the ring somewhere else?

    And, btw, these guys are now EMPLOYEES of KU. That was determined a few days ago at Northwestern.

  • @drgnslayr What wouldn’t be half bad either is the kids who are just looking for a one year layover before the real league is letting kids out of high school going staight to the D-League to develop and the ones that don’t go that route have to stay in school for a few years. What do you think about the whole union thing?

  • Guys that try the pros but don’t cut it ought to be able to come back to college ball if they are 21 or under.

  • I do not like any of the rules Cal has laid out.

    For one simple reason. If they would work, he would be up in front of everyone saying it was his idea and he was right.

    We don’t ever need that to happen.

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