Will New SEC Football Contract Affect the Big XII?

  • A new SEC Football Contract will be over 20M per school, per year! CBS bowed out of the bidding on the new SEC “Saturday Game Day” football contract when the bidding went to OVER $300,000,000 per year beginning in 2024 (or earlier if bought out). Looks like ESPN/ABC is in the final stages of a contract. Remember, this is ONLY for the “Saturday Game Day” and SEC Championship games (just the CBS stuff). Other sports on the SEC Network/Bowl Games/ Basketball Games, etc. are in addition to this figure! (I have been told on another board that using the figures above, the total media payout per SEC school would be $62M per school per year). How will this affect KU football as I would doubt the Big XII could approach a number near that…and would it be enough to encourage OU and/or UT to bolt to the SEC?


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