Take and Give Back...

  • I thought our defense did a great job of crowding passing lanes and stealing the ball. 9! Pretty good number!

    Then take a look at their stat line… 11 steals!

    We need to consider the overall net result. I’m not saying our steals were a waste, but that they ended up not being sufficient to cover our giveaways on the other end.

    We need to take pride in taking care of the ball. And we need to look at the turnover stat line on every game and compare.

    Did we win that line? NO!

    For all that effort we put into creating steals, we turn around and effortlessly give the ball back.

    That is not satisfactory and you can bet Self will be focusing on it this week!

  • @drgnslayr If Kansas starts to value every possession, the hole the other team will find themself in will be insurmountable. It’ll just snowball, but I haven’t seen consistent defensive intensity coupled with a disciplined offense in nearly a decade.

  • @drgnslayr one could argue that last night was our best defensive performance of the year against a ranked team no less. We held them to 30% from the floor and 20% from 3. Now yes some of those numbers will be guys just missing but does anyone remember back around the title year when we would be in the top 5 in FG% defense year in and out. We haven’t been all that great defensively since then IMO and I still believe defensive wins championships. Since KenPom started rating defensive efficiency, no team outside of the top 20 in that category has won a championship. Which of course includes our 2008 team. I think this team has pieces to be very good on that end of the floor. Some may disagree but Marcus Garrett is the best defender we have ever had.

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