Championship Saturday

  • Oregon spanked the day lights outta Utah last night (as expected, Utah has zero good wins). That gives the winner of the B12 title game a great shot if LSU takes care of Georgia. I think I’d rather see Baylor get in, OU has had their chances and missed. The committee is a little strange this year and seems to heavily favor Ohio State tho LSU has much better wins. Michigan I think is the biggest question mark, how they are in the top 20 let alone the top 15 after getting hammered by OSU is mind boggling. Other than it makes OSU look better and prevents them from falling outta the top 4 even with a loss to Wisconsin.

  • Oklahoma wins in overtime 30-23, they really kept Baylor in it with turnovers and questionable play calling. I’d say it’s on LSU to get the conference back into the playoffs for a third straight year.

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