Duke and Stephan F Austin - - crazy

  • Wow, seen highlights of this game. – SFA , scored 64 including the game winner of their 85 points in the paint - - 64/85 - - that’s insane. - read where this is the biggest upset in the last 15 years. Right there in Duke’s back yard lol.

    Boy that will always be something that the old Dukies can look back on and cherish huh lol ? --Gonna be interesting to see how the media, Dicky Vitale and all the other suck a - - Duke suck ups try to cover and explain this. – Duke should drop like a rock in the rankings just like Kentucky did when they got beat.

    That makes Duke AND Kentucky both getting beat on their home floor to un ranked opponents in the same year gonna be a crazy , crazy year. - We need to take notice of this and make sure tht we are ready night in - - -night out. - -ROCK CHALK ALL DAY LONG BABY

    EDIT: - - - Duke was a 27.5 favorite on they’re - home floor. WELP - there goes the mortgage Martha lol

  • EXPOSED. The media spin is “SFA is such a great underrated team”, not “Duke is trash and was never worthy of #1”. While SFA deserves credit, Duke is also trash.

    Zion, Barrett and Reddish are all better than anyone on Duke’s roster now.

    The biggest disappointment to date of the year is that this KU team wasn’t able to put together a win against a Duke team we should be blowing out come tourney time.

  • Sub 200 on Kenpom. Duke is definitely overrated. We should have killed them.

  • I said right after our game with Duke that Duke wasn’t very good. They will lose a lot more this year. Won’t be surprised if they end up with 7-9 losses.

    They were 28 point favorites! LOL at a underrated team.

  • @BShark

    Sub 200 on Kenpom. Duke is definitely overrated. We should have killed them.

    Thank you. I thought this was more of a ‘bad’ loss than any other way of looking at it. Neither team deserved a win but we deserved to lose.

  • https://twitter.com/rrinehart2012/status/1200920313372037120?s=21

    Coach K, is this for real? I didn’t see him curled up in a ball on the floor.👀🏀

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