Putin's Next Target.... College Sports!

  • I’ve never been a union man. I come from a “right to work” state (Kansas), and for probably a majority of residents in our state we’ve never directly felt impacted by union progress.

    I don’t know how we talk about this without getting political… but someone has to let the fart out of the room. The air is stale with recent news about the direction of college sports.

    I may not be a union man, but I support more rights for student athletes. It is hard to sit quietly while student athletes put their health (and futures) at risk for high profits they will never share in. What comes to mind most with me is their lack of health insurance beyond their playing days in school. You don’t have to be a brain surgeon to realize that sports injuries suffered during playing days in college will linger on with these athletes throughout their lives, yet the border for their health coverage stops when they leave campus.

    The NCAA has not kept up with the times, and perhaps for obvious reasons. While they sit quietly in their offices, college sports revenues from a plethora of sources, has climbed far beyond the revenues generated in many economies of foreign nations.

    And we, the sports fan, are once again, caught in the middle of a fight that will most-likely never be resolved properly in our lifetimes. We know what can happen when players unions and team management buck horns. The result is a bad brand of cigarettes, burning noxious cancerous smoke into the lungs of fans everywhere… let’s just call it right this time… “Unlucky Strikes!”

    So on one side, we have the David in the fight:


    A small victory for the little guy… potentially the right to form organized labor.

    And on the other side we have the apathetic Goliath in the fight:


    It appears the courtroom gavel has awaken NCAA President Mark Emmert from his long, lengthy nap on his kindergarten rug (which conveniently resides on his scalp).

    “If you’re not getting sued today,” he said, “you’re not doing anything.”

    Well, I don’t know about any of you guys out there, but I’m not getting sued today in my business. Oh, sorry, I forgot, the NCAA is not a business, it is an institution in need of itself being institutionalized (preferably in a padded cell).

    Imagine the day when Jayhawk basketball goes on strike!

    Could another form of governance come to the rescue of college sports today?

    Does Mark Emmert have a partially-clad photo of Vladimir Putin on horseback nearby for admiration purposes?

    Filmed at 11…

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