Our Lady Jayhawks/basketball

  • Well once again the ladies off to a good start , won today and now 4-0

    The problem with this is , this is what happens every year - - go out play a so so Non Conference beat up on some lesser lights in the Non-con and then come conference season just kinda ehhhh - win some - -lose more struggle.

    Don’t get me wrong we do have some athletic ladies some got some really nice strokes , just wish Coach could help them take that next step - -be more competitive in league, I know nit picking maybe but just gets tiresome seeing them do really well in Non Con and then end up with right around a 500 season when it’s all said and done

    Good job ladies let’s carry it over this season - - wish coach could schedule a little tougher non-con though - - ROCK CHALK ALL DAY LONG BABY

  • They lost their first game, I thought, d-2.

  • Pitt state

  • @Crimsonorblue22 - - Pitt State was in the exhibitions. - Regular Season - -4-0:

    Indiana St - - UIC - - Omaha - & today U Mass Lowell. Not names you can get excited about. - -I Have learned to temper any kind of excitement during the Non Con - -they do well and then just turn into a hot mess in League. - Next Weekend they play Texas State.

    I understand some of the lesser - -but seems like we are loaded with what some call cream puffs. - I just hope he can get the ladies to carry through

  • Man I wish I could just get myself excited about our ladies. – Here we are again we are 11-0 , but I’m sorry it’s just that I’ve seen this movie before, and if any of you guys follow our ladies even in the least you know what I’m talking about.

    I sincerely want our ladies to do well - - really well. - -It’s just they load up in the non-con and then the regular Conference rolls around and they just fall flat on their face - -struggle to win 3-4 big 12 games - -I so hope they can prove me wrong this year. - -BUT sorry I just have to go off that pucky motto from THAT STATE Mizzery State. - -you gonna have to SHOW ME - -seen this song and dance one to many times - - please prove me wrong - -I want the ladies to do well. - - - ROCK CHALK ALL DAY LONG BABY

  • Well just finished watching the Ladies close out their Non-Con - -finished 11-0.

    Now comes the telling factor. Can they translate to some conference wins. I DO have to say they have some athletes , pretty dam young. - -We have 2 Seniors on the team and only one plays - -she plays a lot Decarvalho - -pretty decent player - -some some pretty athletic guards - -like I said we pretty dam young - got some ladies that can drain the 3. We have like 3 Soph’s & a Fr -that play a lot.

    The freshmen Kersgieter looks like a REALLY GOOD player drained like 6 3"s tonight , sweet looking shot. - Just wish I could get a little more excited, non con is over- -Hell even we could go 50/50 in the league would be improvement.

    I DO think these ladies can be a challenge in the next yr or two for sure - -1st game against - Okie State Saturday - -they are 8-3. - -Ku & Texas Tech are the only 2 un-beatens in league - - -we shall see. - - ROCK CHALK ALL DAY LONG BABY

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