SMU NIT Larry Brown.

  • When does SMU play again, support Larry Brown go NIT. Greatest bench coach of all time. Larry could see all 10 players from the bench not only where they were yet where they were going.

  • Tonight vs Clemson. GO MUSTANGS!

  • SMU vs Minnesota Gophers in the final. SMU was way behind at half and came back to win. Good for them.

  • Go Larry!

  • @drgnslayr Remember when Larry left Lawrence?

    I was bummed - especially after his last season! But it was expected, I think we all knew that the gypsy wasn’t going to camp here forever. I always liked him though - such a classy guy and he always had (has) a soft spot in his heart for KU.

  • My favorite Larry Brown moments:

    1. Winning it all.

    2. Telling his players to play under control against OU and Danny telling the guys at the tip that they were going to run with OU. 50-50, 20 minutes of exhilerating basketball!

    3. A game against who knows in AFH. From my seat behind the north goal, I watch the ref make a disagreeable call. The ball rolls to Larry who picks it up and rolls it to the ref but ‘misses’ the target and the ball rolls all the way to the south goal. Still can’t believe the ref didn’t T him up!

    4. When he posed for a picture during the pregame shootaround. I wish I could figure out how to get the snapshot of it onto here.

    5. Motioning to the crowd to knock off the airball chant after some poor ISU lad missed badly and we were merciless. We were probably winning by 20 or 30 by that point in the game.

    6. Getting T-d up during the FF run in 86. The clock didn’t run for 15 seconds or so, and there was some confusion. We were losing to MSU (I think) by quite a few points with just a couple of minutes left. Somehow the T helped us and we shocked Scott Skiles, Jud Heathcote and the Spartans.

  • @wissoxfan83 On 6. I think Coach Brown was shaking a whistle he had around his neck and the whistle hit the ref. He was so close to getting thrown out of the game!

    Imagine if we had that year’s Scott Skiles on this year’s team. A five-star floor general with magic hands and an almost Bird-like attitude.

  • @ParisHawk

    I never heard that. Why did he have a whistle around his neck?

  • @wissoxfan83 “Why did he have a whistle around his neck?”

    I asked myself the same question at the time and no answer then or now, but I can still see it in my mind’s eye: Brown to the camera’s left, the ref to the right.

  • @nuleafjhawk

    Larry can do no wrong in my book. I felt fortunate to have had the opportunity to meet him and he was nothing but class. Everyone went nuts for Larry when he was our coach.

    I loved the big glasses. They made jokes about those glasses. The glasses helped him see every tiny detail… every tiny flaw! Players couldn’t get away with anything when those glasses were near the court!

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