I Can't Wait For the Final Four!


    I’ll be rooting (if you can call it that…) for the Badgers out of respect for wissoxfan83, but oh my goodness - Kentucky, Florida and UCONN? Really?

    At the beginning of the season, if I could have chosen 3 teams that I would NOT want to be in the Final Four - there ya go.

  • My thoughts exactly.

    My tolerance of a champion (can’t say rooting), in order:





  • Florida UConn thanks to Ollie would have never cheeeed for them without him. Wisconsin Kentucky

  • I’ve done my share of Calipari Bashing the past few years, but I’ve gotta step back at this juncture and hand it to the guy. How he ever managed finally to turn the Harrison twins into team players in such a turbulent Wildcat season is indeed a credit to his tenacity. The guy goes from a first round NIT loss to Robert Morris last season all the way to the Final Four with a core of freshmen again this year. Therein lies some quality Div. 1 recruiting and coaching.

  • @REHawk You know that is what is baffling me the most. Even as late as the SEC tournament, Kentucky’s pg play was horrendous. There was no passing, ball reversal, no inlet pass to Randle, or any semblance of organized basketball whatsoever. It seemed completely unraveled. That is why I thought the WSU defense will completely shut them down.

    However, credit to Calipari that he just let his athletes run around and use it to their advantage in the tournament.

  • @FarSideHawk That is a very good observation. Maybe the receipe for success with a group of OADs is giving the OADs complete freedom to do what they were doing in high school and let their natural talent take over. So you either get beat in the first round of NIT or get to Final 4.

  • However, credit to Calipari that he just let his athletes run around and use it to their advantage in the tournament.


    In the SEC championship game when they made their run Cal wasn’t doing much coaching he was letting them play. I even told a buddy once he gets involved again they will lose the game, they can’t be coached and he can’t coach that well.

    What happens he calls a time out and tries to run a set play trying to have a guard come off the wing into the top of the key while trying to get around a defend. He slips ball comes lose.

    You can say he slipped or not, he lost the handle on the ball, Floridas D stepped up, he didn’t have anyone set a pick or anything, he set up a play to go one on one.

    Not saying he hasn’t gotten them to a better place this year than when they started, but lets give credit where credit is due. He has a loaded team full of players and athletes, they should be winning a lot of games and never get blew out.

  • I’m personally rooting for a meteor strike…or can they all lose?

    Nah, but seriously I’m rooting for Wisconsin. The lesser of all evils…not really evil at all though.

  • It could be worse. Missouri could be in the final four.

    Haha, no, just kidding. That will never happen.

    @MoonwalkMafia - Speaking of evil, Bo Ryan looks like Satan.

  • Got to go with Wisconsin and Bo Ryan, the man has coached team basketball for a long time an he is due one. After that Florida; they probably have the best combination of talent and experience and top coaching.

    UConn? Nope, can’t root for a team 1 year removed from probation. Kentucky? There is not enough soap in the world to wash away the slime from the squid; it would be a win for everything that is wrong with college basketball.

  • @KirkIsMyHinrich

    Put your picture here so we can make comments about what you look like!

    Seriously, we’re making comments based on what a person looks like?

    As for the question Bo and Bucky Badger, obviously, Florida, and I can’t tolerate the thought of the other two winning a NC, although I don’t know much about Kevin Ollie at UConn. I know he inherited a bit of a mess from Calhoun.

    By the way, Wisconsin hasn’t given up a fastbreak point in two and a half games. Wisconsin isn’t athletic to hear commenters all over the country. How is it possible to be unathletic yet make it to the final four. I do know that the last guy on UW’s bench would run circles around every person who makes those unathletic comments.

  • @JRyman Yeah, that’s what I meant. I think he is letting them run and jump and increase the number of possessions in the game now to let Athleticism decide the outcome. I think we could have done that with our team this year, but what’s done is done I guess. On to next year…

  • @wissoxfan83 Yes, we are. Seriously.

  • I may hate this Kentucky team more than any other team in history. It all starts with Coach Cal. To me he is all that is wrong with college sports. The fact that this team underachieved all year and is somehow now in the Final 4 makes me think Cal did some sort of deal with the devil after they were handed an 8 seed.

    It does not make it any easier to watch Kentucky knowing that they have some of the most annoying and obnoxious fans in all sports. This Final 4 run with the “greatest freshman class ever” only shows that the horrible OAD formula can work.

    I am so depressed.

  • @REHawk-Yeah it’s a great feat, & he is from Larry Browns coaching tree, but freaks & ponies in a side show perform feats also. Sorry I just can’t stand Cal. In spite of that I have enjoyed them playing good ball in the tourney, but the best team they’ve played to date may have been WSU. Selectors did them NO favors-Cal either for that matter & so far the twins have carried them through. I’m with the rest of you guys hoping BoRyan gets to climb the podium a week from tonight. JMO

  • I cheered for Kentucky once and only once.

    It was an Elite game vs Duke.

    1992, the Grant Hill pass, the Laetner shot.

    I will never make that mistake again and only cheer for the time space continuum to implode right before the opening tip and the game never to happen.

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