(Another) weather delay

  • Noticed that the Iowa State-Iowa game in Ames is in its second weather delay. Seems to be a lot more of them across the country so far this year.

    Last weekend Washington had a 7:30 pm start, played five minutes, then had to wait 2 1/2 hours to restart. Over 200 lightning strikes in the Seattle metro. Game didn’t wrap up until 1:30 am.

    Is it just a run of unusually bad weather, or are the powers-that-be just more cautious than in the past?

  • @nwhawkfan they have had those lightening detectors for awhile. Have to be super careful! I think a major golf tournament had a tree struck this year. Some were hurt, but not seriously. A fb game would be a major catastrophe if the field or aluminum bleachers were hit. I was at a final state h.s. Baseball game and they called it several times. Some people didn’t want to lose their seats. 😳. You use to hear about more people getting hit at outdoor events. Technology has improved!

  • These games would have been played in the 90s and back for sure. Also, I am not advocating they should be played now. In fact I think the right thing is being done now, things were wild back then.

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