Happy for our ladies Volleyball

  • Well may sound kind of Cheesy but , I’m really happy for the ladies. - -They get to kick of their home opener tonight in the new arena- seen some pic’s – looks really nice , they have added the following:

    An Additional 965 seats - -seating is at now 2,265- - can be a big advantage. - - They have installed this thing called Tarflex on top of the flooring - - it’s suppose to help with the shock absortion for the players and helps them slide easier on the floor. -We have a light brown Jayhawk etched into center court looks pretty cool - - we also now have a 324 sq foot Video board for fans -that will be cool to see replays and such - - -Also now have Leather seating with arm rest in the upper tier price seats - -will be nice - -AND a New Mezzanine area where you can buy beer and or Wine -will be able to sit or stand at the tables pretty cool - -I’m Jacked - -sure wish I could go tonight.

    Hope the Ladies enjoy the up grade - -more fans and such. - - Just hope we can represent and have a very successful years to come in our new Arena - - Good Luck Ladies - - Enjoy yourself - you have a sweet arena now - -MAKE US PROUD - - - - ROCK CHALK ALL DAY LONG BABY

  • Volleyball team sucks. I’m guessing this is bechard’s last year. I heard he wanted to coach in the new place. We lost our great ast coach a few yrs ago.

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