Evan Daniels Article on Skipping College

  • Read this article this morning and found it pretty interesting. He has some quotes from Self in there as well.


  • @Woodrow just got through reading this before I came here. - -It’s going to change the approach and recruiting some that’s for sure. - -look at Kyree. Evan talking like maybe 5 more out of the top 50 might very well go this route.

    Interestingly enough had just gotten off the Phog , and a poster made a pretty good point. - They were talking about how it seemed that Coach was focused in on a lot more of the 70-150 type of players this season - -Saying could be he is getting a leg up with this new rule coming in - -focused on the three four year player while others still going to try with the OAD’S and quite possibly getting burnt by exactly what this article is talking about - - OR the new rule the NBA sounds like going to be put into effect.

    Another poster responded by saying " OH so we have just given up on winning ? " - -a response was and good point - - our years with these OAD 'S- haven’t exactly been great - - Wiggins - Oubre - - - saying Coach Self has much better teams with experienced teams.

    2008 : - - -2 Seniors - - -2 Juniors - -& a Soph. - - main contributors off bench Senior and a Soph

    2012 : - - A Senior - - -& 4 Juniors - - main contributor off bench Senior & Soph

    2018 : - - - 2 Seniors - - 2 3rd year players - -& a Soph

  • Without googling it - I’d venture to say most of the Final Four teams in recent years have either not had OAD’s or have not had good production from them. Juniors and Seniors win Championships.

    Case in point - look at the rosters (Both Teams) of last year’s championship game. No OAD’s - tons of Juniors and Seniors.

    I say, the ones that want to go pro from High School - let em go. Unless their name is Moses, Kobe or LeBron (yes, there are others, but very few) nobody will ever hear of them again.

    The ones that want to have their jerseys hanging in Allen Fieldhouse (preferably) will stay 3 or 4 years.

  • I think this trend won’t stay long and hope they do away with the OAD rule. It’s making the some of the better players in our country go else where to play. Its also very risky, think if Grimes, the #8 recruit went over there. He’d be riding the pine 90% of the time and never have a shot to get drafted. Though I believe his chances are slim here at least he can get a free education for when his basketball career doesn’t work out. I’d say a high percentage of the leagues over seas wouldnt stand a chance against a top 25 CBB team. Think about a KU team beating pros in Korea with a team that couldnt get outta the first weekend of the NCAA tournament. I know there was an age limit and not all leagues are bad but I’ve watched some pretty lackluster games from overseas.

  • @nuleafjhawk The 2011/12 Kentucky team started 3 Freshman and two Sophs. The team only had 3 upperclassmen and only one who played significant minutes.

    More of an aberration than the norm but how many coaches fell in love w/OADs? Even Coach K got bitten.

  • Duke, it sickens me to say was very young when they beat Wisconsin.

  • OADs leading championship teams- not many - Carmelo Anthony (aargh) comes to mind, so does Anthony Davis (son of a… those two did us dirty!). Hmm. I don’t think OADs are holding a well constructed team back, although I think they should be sprinkled in, not the main component of the team.

    Just final fours - I’m willing to bet every Kentucky team to make a final four under Calipari had a OAD on it. 2015 Duke Jabari Parker. 2014 Kentucky - Archie Goodwin, Nerlens Noel. 2012 Kansas - Ben McLemore; Kentucky - Teague MICHAEL-kid-gilkrist and Davis. 2011 Kentucky Enes Kanter.

    More than I thought. I’m out of time, there’s probably more final four appearances by OADs I skipped over.

  • @dylans

    Duke with Okafor/Jones/Winslow won the title with freshman fueling the team.

    There’s enough evidence out there to suggest you can win in several ways. The freshman way has worked although usually there’s still a vet or two that plays a big role. Last year was a big thumbs up for the veteran squads.

    I think that trend continues into this year if I was making a prediction now. A ton of talent is gone from last year spread throughout every conference. I have a hard time picking 5-10 teams that I think will be good because there was so much roster movement everywhere. No excuses for KU this year with a veteran squad

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