Ranking the losses

  • I think we all have come to agree that Beating Texas in 2016 was one of the worst wins in KU football because it allowed David Beaty to sign a extension. But what are some of the most deflating losses to you? I’ve been following KU since 2000 fairly close and I’d say Saturday’s loss to Coastal Carolina is at #1 for me. Not far behind is 2010’s NDSU loss and 2015’s loss to SDSU. It was deflating to me because if I Just woke up from a 1 year conma, I’d swear to you David Beaty was still on the sidelines. Between the wasting of two very costly timeouts and the simple offense of run, run, and pass. Now my expectations weren’t to go bowling as Desmond Howard predicted on college game day, I thought a 4 wins and 3-1 start we’re very doable. Saturday’s loss was costly in a number ways. First off attendance was more than we have seen in several years, so much that if not one person shows up to the West Virginia game we will still average more than we did last season thru 3 games. It looked like the stadium was 3/4s full on tv and you actually hear people cheering. We all know it will hurt recruiting in some manner, just depends on how good of a sales man Les Miles can be. I feel like all the preseason momentum was lost, we had a cool new TV series, Desmond said we could go bowling, people were talking about Kansas football in a positive matter and Les Miles who won a National title said we could be a good or great team. Heck I even listened to hawk talk the first 2 weeks, which I haven’t done in years for football. I said all summer winning these first two games would be one of the most important things. There isn’t a good enough excuse in my opinion for losing Saturday to a team that likely doesn’t win more than 3 games all year. I put the bulk on the coaching staff, this team had zero energy and flatout was not ready to play. My bold prediction at this point is Les Miles goes back into retirement after finishing 1-11 after this year.

  • Lord have mercy. Too many disappointments for me to count.

  • I’m going up to the WV game. And, I’m excited about it.

  • None of them hurt as much as the Arizona loss in 97, or both March losses to Villanova, or the lone loss to VCU/Shaka.

  • @dylans You’re playing with the wrong shaped ball right now, brother.

  • @nuleafjhawk It’s hard to be disappointed in the football team - I have zero expectations of good things.

  • @dylans Fair enough.

    I guess that’s the same reason my wife says our marriage has lasted 40 years - she has very low expectations…

  • @nuleafjhawk ouch! 😂

    I want them to succeed, I just know better than to pin my hopes on it. Especially this early in (another) rebuild. I’m hoping for .500 ball in year 3.

  • Still one of the worst losses but its forgiven at this point. Any remember the basketball team losing 3 at home in 2018? Me neither, just remember the final four appearance.

  • The surprising BC win in no way dulls the image etched in my brain of the CC coach taking pictures of himself and our scoreboard last Saturday. Or, the 20+ times the ESPN+ announcers felt the need to crow that CC was looking for its first win over a Power 5 opponent. Except for the 50+ point home losses to KState where the games were over by halftime, the CC loss goes down as an all time low for me. The Texas Tech game is really going to tell us which way our program is headed.


  • BShark said:


    Well considering the state our program has been in these past years - this has to rank towards the top

  • I’m kind of in @dylans camp on this one. While it would be fabulous to win a bunch of games, or at least not be embarrassed in any games, I’m way too much of a fairweather fan of Jayhawk football to really get worked up about it. I could probably go back and name 50 losses on the basketball court in my 30 years of Jayhawk fandom that are more difficult to swallow than losing to Coastal Carolina, which if I cared, would be a really bad one.

  • Well - -guess we aren’t the only one’s. - - Georgia Tech - - losing to the Citadel - - not good FCS School

  • @kjayhawks I would say the 2009 loss to Colorado. It sent KU on a losing 7 game losing streak that we’ve yet to recover from.

    Maybe Les is that coach that turns it around. The win against BC may have been the best game since that loss…

    And maybe I’m being overly optimistic but when was the last time a KU football team made anyone overly optimistic.

  • @jhawk7782 ya I would say Todd Ressing injuring his groin in that game was a big factor in our tail spin and sweet Lou’s drama. I’m worried about too much optimism at this point. People are already whispering bowl game. People were saying the same after we whipped Rutgers a year ago. I’ll say it the same as I did then after our lone loss was to Nichols, I just cant see dropping a home game against that bad of a team and making one. We needed that win badly. I would say we have an outside shot at one of we can finish these front 6 games 4-2. But it’s hard to predict 4 conference wins for a program that’s had a mere 6 in the last decade. 4 wins is still doable and a solid improvement for a first year coach.

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