Parking Wars

  • Fellow Bucketeers, I am in need of an assist please. Tomorrow we’re going to our first KU Football game in …10 years or so. I don’t have $50,000 to donate to the Williams Fund, so we probably won’t get a premier parking spot.

    Any ideas y’all have about where to park would be very much appreciated. Thank you in advance.

  • There are always houses and or people charging to park around the stadium. Might cost you 20$ or so but not a bad deal. Last week I know they had buses running from downtown which is cheaper but not as convenient obviously.

    You can also valet your car at the Oread for maybe 30$ which is nice with it being so close.

  • @nuleafjhawk Park at West campus by the rec fields and ride the bus or walk.

  • Ride the buses! Have fun! Have fam coming for fair

  • I always just park north of the stadium on Alabama, Illinois, or Maine or one of the side streets between the stadium and 9th. I have a Mini Cooper so that helps – I can always find a little parallel parking spot pretty close that most other cars can’t fit in.😛 You might have to walk a few blocks, but it’s level from that area.

    There are shuttles from the downtown parking garages too. (2hrs before and 1hr after game). Parking is free in the garages and the shuttle is $1. If you plan to go to Mass St. before or afterwards, that would be pretty easy.

  • I’m with @DanR here. The downtown shuttles are great if you don’t really want to do a ton of tailgating at the stadium. Also the side streets between campus and 19th street are free if you don’t mind hoofing it over Mt. Oread

  • Thanks everyone for your ideas and suggestions. Much appreciated!


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