Notebook: KU prepared to play 2 centers

  • Out of everything we are wondering about how this team is going to stack up - - the Defensive Line - -The Secondary - -and a little less concern as far as I’m concerned anyways - -The Offensive line - - The BIGGEST question that concerns me the most is I believe is STILL the QB.

    This position just baffles me - - why we can’t have a starter named by now. - -Seem like every year this team has that same problem. - Mercy just hard to believe that ONE QB can’t clearly establish himself as the leader of this team - a take charge guy. - - Are they good/close in their talent? - -Are they both equally that Bad?

    Mad Hater tried to recruit some QB - -hell even in the 2020 class we hit zero I think in being able to recruit a QB for that class. - -this is the MOST important spot on the team - – doesn’t matter how good of receivers you got - -you don’t have a quality QB that can get the ball to them - make the right reads - -being able to check off - then we will still be a hot mess. - - -I know in reality not an option probably for this year- -Yet Coach has mentioned him some – And that’s Locklin - I actually think in time he could very easily be the QB for these guys. - - Here we are again - -two weeks before our 1st game and still no starting QB named. - -

    Please don’t platoon these two guys - - settle on one and let’s get this going - make your decision - and go with it - -I just can’t believe it’s that micro tight. - - ROCK CHALK ALL DAY LONG BABY

  • Les knows. At this point he’s just keeping us and the competition in the dark. It’ll give KU the advantage against ISU and lord knows this team will need every advantage it can get. 😝

  • KU has always struggled to find solid QBs. That isn’t a new story. I anticipate that whomever wins the job this year is just a stop gap. I’m not even sure the QB Miles wants for the future is on the roster or committed yet.

    Miles is trying to build up the rest of the roster to attract the right QB.

  • @justanotherfan Very true, Reesing and Meier oddly enough on the same team are the best QBs in memory to me.

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