your hated Yankees

  • Ya , Ya , go ahead talk all you want - -talk about their money whatever I don’t give a tinkers dam lmao.

    I don’t care who you are - - what team you pull for - I’ll say this about any team - -any team at all.

    For the Yankees to accomplish what they have done this year 79-41 - -with ALL their injuries they have gone through and STILL be able do what they have done - is nothing but insane. - - they stated their 26th - - 26th ! ! ! different starting lineup yesterday - - - they lead the majors with different players being on the DL with 26 this year.

    Don’t spew crap out your mouth about ya with all their money - they should be able to - fact is the players that are doing this for them are not their BIG TIME studs major money players - - Severino has thrown 1 inning this year - - - -Stanton has played next to nothing - - - Andjuar - -has been out from Day 1 - -Judge has missed ALOT of time - - - Sanchez - - has been out for long period - – Di Di – has been out - - - CC Sabathia - -has been out multiple times - - - Aaron Hicks is out - - -Luke Voit is out - - - Torres has been out at time - - - Brett Gardner has been out - - -Encarcion - -is out - -doesn’t matter seems whoever they plug in has been stepping up - -Got the leading hitter in the AL for average - -Torres is doing his thing- - -Maybin coming through wherever they need him – Romine is coming through

    Thing is even without their money - - Yankees just have a very deep farm system developing players besides the money boys - -it’s ok - haters can hate - - but what they have done this year is just crazy

  • Too bad they don’t have the pitching to win in November. I’m pissed they blew it at the trade deadline.

  • dylans said:

    Too bad they don’t have the pitching to win in November. I’m pissed they blew it at the trade deadline.

    could be very true. - -But there is a lot of talk - - that they may go the KC route from some years back. - -Like they have done - -Severino comes back is able to give you 3-4 innings and then just throw your core of relievers - -best relief corp in baseball - - -The way Paxson starting to throw - - German 16-2 he is have a great year - - Neve discount CC. - -The Yankees don’t necessarily need a guy to go 6-7 innings - - give them 3-4 innings and turn it over to the Relievers - -Deep group - - Going to be getting Bechances back -Green - - Octavio - - – Messa - – Chapman

    Like the experts are talking going to be interesting how they play it. - -Like they sai it would be interesting match up - -Yankees - Odgers - -Dodgers Starters against Yankees bullpen - -Dodgers no bullpen - - Yankees suspect starters - -The big challenge would be Houston.

    No mater again with the injuries they have had - -great year

  • The Astros are very good, esp. with Grienke sp

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