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  • Hey guys! I set up separate categories for rss feeds from other sites for basketball and football.

    I wanted to test this out for a few days (as things are slow) and get your opinions on them.

    If you don’t want these posts to show up in your recent feed, it looks like the way to do this is to go to the category and change the dropdown on the right from watching to ignoring. You can still then navigate to the feed via categories.

    I could write some mongo to set all existing users to Ignore for these categories if this seems like a good solution (see stream rate comment in next paragraph as alternative). I personally don’t want the recent feed to get flooded, but still think the feeds could add value. It would be nice possibly to promote them (i.e. move them) to a watched category if someone sees a story they want to move over?

    Also, I have control of the rate that these stories are released to our site. i.e. I can throttle it to only 1,2,4 stories at a time and every minute, hour, 12 hours, 48 hours or week. So, if we want a little trickle of stories we can do that too.

    Anyway, let me know what you guys think. I thought we might be able to find a nice (not overwhelming) setting for external sources. Or not!

  • Here’s what I have it set at currently. Also, if there are others sources you guys would be interested in, let me know

    Screenshot from 2019-08-10 11-40-15.png

  • If there’s a feed for the star’s KU stuff (esp Jesse Newell), that would be a good add. They may make that difficult with their subscriber system though.

  • @ajvan It doens’t look like they have rss feeds available on their site. Good thought.

  • This cadence already seems too high without the category marked as ignore for everyone. Going to throttle it down to 2 stories every 12 hours.

  • I like it!

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