When The Basketball Intelligentsia Can't Figure It Out...

  • This is another one of those losses… where the basketball intelligentsia of the world can’t come up with a real explanation.

    Yes… we played bad. Yes… we missed shots. Yes… we didn’t get key stops. Yes, yes, yes… but none of those replies is an answer to why we lost.

    We may not have had the kind of season we all wanted… but on these boards, we smoked 'em! Everyone in here has contributed to make this a total team effort! I don’t know if we need to watch less Jayhawk basketball, but Jayhawk basketball players need to watch more of us. We’ve come in here all year and brought everything we had, each and every day… and we never gave up the fight… and we’ve done nothing more than come together as a team, through all the disagreements and hotly contested battles. Bravo KUBuckets Nation!

    Last Thursday, before the weekend basketball battles, my wife and I had a nice couple from Phoenix over for dinner. My wife is a Kansas grad, and though she has tolerated me having possession of the TV remote control, she really doesn’t want to have anything to do with Wichita State. Kudos to her for tolerating me watching all those games while watching it herself!

    In the middle of our conversation with our guests, we were asked about KU and WSU basketball. To my surprise, my wife actually defended Marshall. I thought I was going to need CPR. Much to my surprise, she made a comment that will stick in me for quite some time. She said, “Marshall is a better communicator than Self. That is obvious from watching any game. Marshall is always occupied talking to his players, while Self spends half the time sulking and turning purple before belting out on his players.”

    Most of why this made such an impression on me is who made the comment.

    My wife listens to my rants all year… she snickers over my X and Y-axis analysis. And now when it is time to explain why our season ended, I can write for hours, but it will be for not.

    Sometimes I wonder who has the basketball brains in my family. Clearly… it isn’t me.

    I was once told by someone a heck of a lot wiser than me:

    “All the problems in the world have the best answer in less than one-hundred letters.”

    I can’t answer this in less than one-hundred letters. My wife can.

  • @drgnslayr That’s the first time I’ve smiled in four hours. Thanks man.

  • @drgnslayr it’s been fun watching the ecosystem of posters here. Everyone who posts contributes valuable minutes and I feel like I could recognize a lot of you immediately if I met you and heard you talk for 10 seconds about the Jayhawks. I told you this place wouldn’t be much but it would get us through the winter. I was incorrect. You guys made the site great. And I agree completely that Self and company would not be worse off perusing the analysis here. Thanks for all your great posts @drgnslayr. They made my day on many occasions.

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