What is the ceiling for the 13 players now on our roster

  • There seems to be some discord when talking about our players due to their versatility and being interchangeable. Dotson, Dok and Moss will be gone, no doubt, will Silvio be also? I don’t know, to be honest, he may well come back - we shall see.

    I see Enaruna as an inside out stretch 4 who, if need be, could also play small forward (though he won’t play much 3 this year), and will be a three year player. Wilson is one who I really can’t get a read on - is he a 3 or 4? Can he shoot from the outside?

    I like Braun, see him soon - though not this year - giving us bigtime minutes at two and possibly even three positions. He is an outside/inside player who always hustles and doesn’t take plays off - 4 year guy. The Harris/McBride pre-season battle will be interesting. I think that Harris is a possible three year player, though with McBride’s stroke I don’t see Coach redshirting him. I really like the potential of this team.

    What are your opinions on this year’s roster - how the players will do? Where will they play? How long will they stay?


  • @Marco

    I think it’s a crapshoot on what happens. We can’t predict things like injuries. Injuries are huge. There are the big injuries that keep players out of the lineup. There are the small dings that can add up on a player and reduce his production considerably.

    There are other factors, too. Off-court distractions. Players getting ice cold… staying cold… perhaps for the entire season. Etc, etc, etc. Just too hard to predict, especially on the newcomers. Maybe one of them clicks in quickly and starts producing.

    I feel like the big positive with this team is that they will truly be a team! And lead by several, but for sure Devon will be huge. These guys have their heads on straight, and that’s huge. Chip on their shoulders. Confident. Fresh start.

    When guys come together to be a real team, everyone gets a huge lift. The guys that are cold get the support they need to bounce back. Everyone lifts up everyone.

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