Jayhawks in Vegas

  • Wonder who picked up that tab!!? Pretty cool stuff though.

  • Woodrow said:

    Wonder who picked up that tab!!? Pretty cool stuff though.

    Article says “hosted by Self” which to me means he picked up the tab!

  • Interesting video on the chop. I still can’t believe we can get away with using that option since it’s simple to disassemble by just having a defender step out into the chop lane. I do notice we use it less all the time. Nova totally exposed how to stop it and you’d think we would be better scouted, especially in our own league.

    Kind of reminds me of the old OU football option offense that was so successful for such a long period.

  • Would have loved to be there as a fly on the wall. I wouldn’t care if they made me sit alone in the back as long as I could hear all the stories. Sometimes we all forget the great tradition we have at this university and how rare it is. @drgnslayr You would think that teams would really key in on it but I think that we have ran it less recently for that reason. Also there is no defense for a correctly executed offensive play, if someone blocks the the chop lane you can dribble drive or look back door.

  • @kjayhawks

    You are right, and with every well-executed play there is an option for most of the reactions on defense. However… getting your players to execute that is usually tougher than the original play execution. These are kids playing in front of thousands of people… and the pressure is on. I remember when Nova made our chop play look amateurish, at best.

    I like your response about a dribble drive. Wish our coaches had more experience at teaching dribble drive. Over the past years we’ve adjusted our offense to a more hybrid offense with dribble drive as a wrinkle but I’ve never been satisfied with our guys actually executing it well. I thought Tyshawn Taylor was probably our best dribble drive guard in recent history. Especially effective his senior year after hooking up with John Lucas. John was the master at “cooking in the kitchen.” Think it was Lucas who called the paint “his kitchen.” “Got to keep your cool, you only need a quick move to finish your cookin’!” Lucas was a total mismatch for any big in the paint. Automatic 2, sometimes “and 1!”

    I wish we would find a way to get all our guards over to see Lucas. I’ve said for years we should pay whatever it takes to get Lucas to open shop in Lawrence. We could have saved the money for McCarthy Hall and spent it where it really mattered.

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