So Pooka , Right or wrong?

  • Ok , so just read this article off fan sided . - I got to say , I’m missing something I guess , and please let me know if I’m wrong , but I’m not getting this.

    The article from fan side was written by Patrick Schmidt. Bottom line sure read like he was giving Les the business with how he handled Pooka. - -He said in the article the Les - - Still doesn’t get it. - -He referred to how this compared eerily to like the case when Les was at LSU and his handling of Jeremy Hill. Stating that Les has always been soft when it came out to dealing out punishment to players.

    Here he asks about dealing with Pooka: - -Where is the statement saying the University and football program don’t condone violence against women ? - - - - Where’s the statement expressing concern for the victim ? - - - Where is the statement to say what the University and football is doing to make sure this never happens again ? where’s the statement saying the player will face a LEGITIMATE form of punishment ? - -He states that Les failed with Jeremy Hill - - -and He failed now.

    OK , so now and please let me make this perfectly clear , - - - I by far did not or will I ever Condone the type of thing that took place for anyone - -just so happens this is Pooka.

    I need your help guys and please don’t be afraid to express because I’, genuinely confused. - -For Me I feel with everything Pooka has to do such as attending these classes - - his community service - constantly checking in on his conduct - - it seems to me - he is on a short rope - he sounds to me will have to walk a very straight line - -I mean I think this goes through his Senior yr right? - -To me - -I think Les and the University got it right -true it is one game , they stated about this in the article , said with it just being a one game suspension - sounds like more worried about winning then the Victim. - -I don’t think that’s the case at all. I just feel like with the stipulations he has - - it fits. - - So am I wrong in my thinking? - -Thinking this fair? - If I’m wrong let me know - — -I’m just not feeling the hate for the decision. - - ROCK CHALK ALL DAY LONG BABY

  • @jayballer73 I originally posted the Fanside article in Eartly Discussion: NonConf Schedule thread. @FarmerJayhawk gave a terrific response/rebuttal to the article in his reply to me. I think if you go back and read it, you’ll understand why Coach Miles took the action he took. The Fanside article appears to be based on a very cursory look into the matter without bothering to find details of what happened and of the punishment/penalties imposed on Pooka. Please read it - you’ll feel better.

  • It wouldnt have mattered how he handled it, someone wouldnt have been happy. The guy that wrote the article probably didnt have the balls to write about the way Mixon was handled at OU, Brandon Banks at KSU or Chris Rainey at Flordia (1 of over 30 players arrested at Flordia under Meyer that people still wont speak of today). Money is what changed his mind, a chance to get clicks. The same reasoning for all these companies celebrating gay pride last month outta the blue. They didnt care about it 5 years ago and they still probably dont today, they just see the dollar signs.

  • It’s also FanSided, where the only editorial oversight is if you don’t add enough slides to what you write. Source: used to write for then edited Through the Phog.

  • @FarmerJayhawk FanSide’s offerings are pretty wretched and I rarely look at it. The headline on this one caught my attention , and the content did not surprise😮

  • bcjayhawk said:

    @FarmerJayhawk FanSide’s offerings are pretty wretched and I rarely look at it. The headline on this one caught my attention , and the content did not surprise😮

    Absolutely. I was thankful we had a really good crew at one time at TTP that actually cared about getting facts right and putting out stuff people would read because it’s interesting and original, not “Here are the top 5 NBA busts of all time. You’ll NEVER believe who’s #1!!!”

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