Tyshawn And Dotson

  • Real good article as Newell and Tyshawn discuss Dotson, and how he can get better.


  • We only experienced a touch of how Devon can help our ball team last year. As the game slows down for him, he’ll learn to pick it apart. All quality playmakers (usually PGs) have to master deception. It starts with the no-look pass. Then add in other things, like moving the defenders off their spots, changing their hedges. And last, create scoring space through change of direction, or speed, or by timing (fakes).

    It’s unfortunate for us we won’t have Devon for 4 years. If we did, we’d be blessed with some insane basketball from the PG position! I still have him down in my thoughts as becoming the best PG Kansas has ever had! Since he won’t be here much longer it will be hard to substantiate that claim.

  • It wasn’t looking good for there for awhile, but man am I glad that Dotson came back!

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