Home Page: Huge improvement

  • Much easier for cell phone use!

    God was in the details.

    L. O V E. IT!

  • Yeah it was a lot of wasted space. Glad to hear you like it. I think a big reason people were asking how to post is because the basketball bucket was getting pushed so far down that they weren’t ever navigating through it and consequently not seeing the new thread button.

  • @approxinfinity

    I would even add a “post” link in that home page box.

    iErgonomics are all about moving the eye to what the brain wants to do. Not about architectural logic. Often times, I want to post immediately. Your box creates spatial gravitation for the eye, so if you put a link there, then the eye-hand will find it seamlessly first.

    At the risk of being a pedant, a web page is experienced as a painting but is laid out more like a spreadsheet. Few tech people are trained in classical painting composition, but following a few of their simple rules would end all the web site composition problems that afflict even the best web sites. The old painters learned how to move your eyes around a canvas to see in series what you needed to see to experience the meaning of the painting. Google’s page works not because it is simple, but because it creates eye gravitation at the center of the screen. The old painters used gravity and form to move and hold your eye on what they wanted you to see in which order. Contemporary painters typically only compose to achieve a sense of visual balance, since it is considered heavy-handed today to introduce Narrative meaning to a painting. But Renaissance painters were always trained and trying to do both.

    You have created some gravity at the center of the screen with your box. The Eye tracks there inevitably. Thus, that is a graphically logical place to put a “post” link, if you want to increase the ease of posting.

    To think this through just a bit further, visualize holding your smart phone and contemplate which part of the screen is the easiest place for the thumb to touch. I say phone, because that is usually how I initiate an action like posting. It would be somewhat different for a desktop computer screen, because of mousing. Anyway, once I am in the posting window I tend to begin to use either dictation, or an index finger to type. Move your gravitational box closer to my thumb and it becomes easier for me to post. Alas, because I am a left-hander, I would probably want the box near the left side, where as, right-handers would prefer the box closer to the right side. Thus, having the box in the middle is a compromise for both.

    My remarks are not meant to dilute the goodness of what you have done, but instead to call attention to them. Thank you so much.

    All for now.

  • I don’t know… I still can’t seem to get this site to come up on my cellphone…


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