Plenty of good seats available

  • This headline from today’s Seattle Times, as the Mariners get ready to host the Royals:

    “Could The Mariners Set A Low Attendance Mark This Week?”

    Interesting matchup nonetheless. The Royals could actually pull off a sweep.

    The M’s were one of the top offensive teams in the league until they traded away two of their top three home run hitters in the past few days for “prospects” and some cash.

    The bullpen is godawful and the defense is even worse. They lead the majors in errors…and it’s not even close.

    Most Seattle fans realized this was going to be a rebuilding year, but it’s gotten more dismal than expected. After 42 seasons without a World Series and 18 without a playoff appearance, the natives are getting restless, or worse, apathetic.

    And as for that headline, well, the M’s host the Orioles next. At least they’re not Tampa Bay, who can’t draw flies at home, even with a good team.

  • They were the hottest team first 3 weeks of the season and had swept the Royals in KC. I wish we had not played them then. Then they had some injuries and pitching went downhill. And since then they have traded their top hitters.

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