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  • Ideas on how to deter bad decisions by unqualified athletes trying to go pro?

  • Woodrow said:

    dylans said:

    Once the NBAs OAD rule is gone I hope that the NCAA requires “student” athletes to stay in school 2 years. But I’d like to see the scholarships guaranteed for 4 years (barring something egregious ie prison). I know you really can’t make this happen, but maybe have the kid sign a contract with the U that has a buyout of whatever a year of that scholarship and housing is really worth. I’d like them to think about it at least. I’m looking at you Grimes…$40k isn’t anything to sneeze at in the G-league.

    I don’t understand why people keep saying the OAD is going to go away. Players are still going to only go to college for one year and enter the draft. ( Not trying to call you out @dylans ) I just keep hearing people say this it isn’t true. I understand that the “elite” players will soon ( hopefully) have the option to go straight to the NBA however, when that rule is put in place there are still going to be OAD players.

    I didn’t mean to imply OADs are going away just the silly NBA OAD rule. And I proposed a simple deterrent from unqualified kids bailing. I was hoping someone would offer a better solution.

  • I mean isn’t part of life about making decisions and living with the consequences? I want to see all people in life succeed as it would make the world a better place. Unfortunately that’s not a reality. Some of these kids are just hell bent on being OAD and don’t care what anyone says. We literally have the perfect example of that in Grimes. I’d bet Self even told him that he needs to come back and work on his game, but he and his parents don’t care what a HOF coach has to say. So let him live with his decision of being a late second round pick / not drafted at all on a 2 way contract at best.

    These kids have NBA scouts and personnel along with college coaches giving them honest feedback. It’s on them if they don’t listen to it and instead listen to their handlers , parents, etc…

    Sorry, but I don’t think feel sorry for any of these kids that make bonehead decisions to turn pro when not ready.

    • I am not trying to bash Grimes. Sure I would like all players that are not first round picks to come back but it’s their choice and that’s fine.

  • @Woodrow Yeah, but if the NBA did away with the rule requiring they go to college why would there be kids hellbent on being OAD? The rule will be abolished soon. RJ Barrett (#1 ranked HS kid) and Grimes (#1 in his own mind) go pro straight out of HS.

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