I feel bad but, I can't help it!

  • A couple of times in the last few days the Royals have went into the 9th up 8 or more. Both times I’ve been quite worried about them holding that lead. I feel bad for the doubt but I can not seem to break out of it. What do you all think? Is it a valid concern or do I need to up my baseball season valium dose?


  • @Kubie for a few weeks now, our bullpen has been at least just below average. But it is probably the worst bullpen in baseball or in that limited discussion. Maybe not valium, maybe more accepting of our fate. We’re just limping by with below averageness out there when the game gets late. The balance of the team looks pretty good, so long a Chris Owings and Lucas Duda are nowhere to be found.

    Good to see Gutierrez up and playing. Nicky Lopez and hopefully more to follow.

  • @Kubie Royals have most blown saves in MLB. With a decent bullpen Royals would be .500. I’d bring some young pitchers and let them play.

  • Agree with both of you, team looks pretty solid to me other than pitching in general. The starters have had some good days but yeah the bullpen is a house of cards for sure! Be nice to have a closer again wouldn’t it?

  • @AsadZ Might have young guys come up more after service time is less of an issue … maybe Staumont and Blewitt from Omaha and Beckwith from NA? There are three or four top end pitchers in high A that could be here later in the year.


  • It’s amazing how many crappy bullpens there are. I wonder how much of this would go away if every team would pick up an additional starter and go with the short starter long relief stuff we’ve seen more recently

  • The Nationals bullpen has been a dumpster fire for the better part of the last decade. I think teams that look at the bullpen as a place to save money are crazy. It’s the equivalent of having a bad backup quarterback that always plays in the later quarters of competitive games.

  • @approxinfinity Not long ago Royals had a dynamic bullpen, HDH days. One can put a W in the outcome if Royals go with a lead in 7th inning, automatic win.

  • @AsadZ HDH was an awesome accident.

    Really hope the Royals can find some bullpen arms this next draft. #2 overall is going to be Witt Jr. But then we have 3 more picks in the top 80. A couple of arms out of that would be nice.

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