The end of the NBA and NFL

  • And this is not sour grapes, folks. Both the NBA and NFL are inferior to men’s collegiate basketball and football, no comparison. The out of control free agency has all but killed both of those leagues, making them lack consistency - that and the rule changes, as well as a change in the personal make-up of their personnel. Neither even tries to play defense anymore, league prognosticators admitting as much, even going so far as to all but admit that the fix is often in. Hell, all of the spoiled jocks may soon find no place to go to but college, because there is no way that those two dying leagues can keep taking on youth (especially the NBA - see G-league) when attendance and viewership - trust me, current ratings be damned - is only going to go plummet. Just watch, wait and see. The New England Patriots have dominated the NFL for, what, close to 20 years? Why? I’ll tell you why, it is an inferior product. The NBA? King - that term used very loosely - James and the Golden State Warriors combined have been dominating for, what, close to twenty years all told? Inferior products have nowhere to go but down, eventually being obsolete and done. Think about it, neither of the two play or even try to act like they are playing hard anymore. Belly up I say, and good riddance.

  • NFL draft had its highest ratings ever this year.

    Neither league is dying.

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