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  • Bruce lost his best recruiter who…went to VT at the same position. Interesting move as Frazier played for Bruce for 4 years at ILL and joined the KSU staff in 2012.

    They will feel this one as Frazier is the guy that discovered and landed Brown and was their main recruiter period. He is responsible for basically their entire class this last year including Dajuan Gordon who will be a stud for them.

  • I’ve just always had it in my head that Weber is not a good coach. His all time record is - meh - 463-244, so there are apparently worse coaches out there somewhere. Honestly, it must be the way he looks. And acts. And talks. He’s just so…strange.

    BAM! Talked myself into it - he’s not a good coach.

  • Bruce Weber is perfect for KSU.

  • @BShark meant to post this yesterday; the VT faithful are starting to feel less doom and gloomy about Mike Young’s hiring as he builds his staff. Most of their recruits (and players) appear to be staying committed now. Blackshear might even stay.

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