The Importance of Impartiality

  • In a world where we increasingly rely on crowd sourced opinion and technology that proxies our interface with reality, are humans losing their ability to be impartial?

  • @approxinfinity Who’s impartial? Nepotism, racism, sexism - most people do without really knowing. What makes me sad is the unwillingness to compromise. Lately society has shifted to picking a side and defending it to the death even if wrong.

  • @approxinfinity I don’t think people are losing the ability to be impartial but it is certainly less valued in our current environment. With everything being about money you’d think being impartial and open to everyone would be ideal but advertisers have figured out is that targeted advertising is so much more bang for the buck than a broad appeal.

    @dylans I think you’re right that true impartiality is pretty much impossible but people can get continually closer by examining those biases your pointed out and others.

    Seems like impartiality is a choice that fewer are making. Take the recent tournament for example. Sports casters always strive to be impartial but Charles Barkley was purposefully not. It was well documented and celebrated. I personally also enjoyed watching him cheer on his alma mater as I do.

    Similarly most “news” channels are abandoning the goal of impartiality for ratings. Passion sells. I think it’s more about the money than the tech. Technology is a tool that for the most part does what people want it to do. It could just as easily be used to create an environment supporting impartiality as it has been to take us where we are now.

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