Nike, Zion - This Is Not A Surprise.

  • And now, we enter a new dimension to the scandal.

    Read the articles.

    Thanks to a scum-bag lawyer (Michael Avenatti), we have significant company in this entire sordid affair. Thank you.

    But we already knew.

    How long would this have been ignored but for the scum-bag lawyer?

    Was the Justice department trying to silence Avenatti on behalf of Nike by filing the charges against him (conspiracy alert)? Was Duke ignored purposefully despite the fact that Zion was the most obvious likely violator? And, of course, now we hear about it – after Duke’s season is over.

    Now, did K know? I want that answered.

    Self has flat out denied he knew of any improper benefits provided by any third party to any recruit.

    Will K make a full denial?

    As I’ve said, if the Justice department is serious, they should indict players, coaches, and the parents/guardians. It’s the same conspiracy.

    I think it’s all a ridiculous use of federal resources. But when we’re in the muck, the more the merrier.

  • @HighEliteMajor I find it a ridiculous use of resources as well. The whole sport is dirty and has been for some time. Will be interesting to see what the NCAA does. They can’t kill the whole sport. But…who will be the scapegoats? That is the question.

  • Just wish Self wasn’t a named source on the Nike front…seems we have more than enough on our plate with Adidas. Or is this a blessing in disguise?

    Excerpt from article:

    “That’s how [it] works at UNC and Duke,” Kansas coach Bill Self texted Adidas AAU coach T.J. Gassnola, who became known as the “bag man” in the case, cooperated with authorities and also pleaded guilty to a felony for wire fraud conspiracy. The two were discussing shoe companies can control recruits and keep top programs and coaches happy.

  • Saw this tonight. Interesting info on Ayton payments. Corruption.pdf?dl=0

  • If my son was a top 10 High School player and a shoe company informed us he will see a few million more if he attends a college that uses their shoes it would be tough not to just do that. Money isn’t everything but getting a big head start helps.

    I really started thinking this was a thing with Wiggins. Plays at Kansas and then signs with Adidas in NBA. Self’s talk of not knowing where they really stood in his recruitment. It just seemed he was recruited by shoe companies.

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