• The University of Texas really should be ashamed. The Frank Erwin Center has capacity of 16,700 (approx) and in the quarterfinals of the NIT, UT is playing on their home court in front of…3,000? I’m just guessing on that number but it looks like a ghost town. I know its the NIT, but show your team some a little respect.

  • Nit, and Texas bb.

  • I wish the NCAAs where played on home courts until the final four. That’s something the NIT gets right.

  • @dylans step #1 robot refs. Last thing we need is more Cameron whistle. Also, I like the passion it invokes but is capacity an issue? If you weren’t trying to nitpick logístics I’ll settle down 😀 :trollface:

  • @approxinfinity I think this is the best arguement from a KU fan - we were undefeated in Allen Fieldhouse this year; like most years. KU works hard to protect home court it would be nice if that was truly rewarded with home games instead of just a high seed.

    10-16k is more people than go to many of the opening round games of the non traditional powers anyway.

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