The naysayers thread!

  • So we don’t bother Wissox…

    Horse shit start! C’mon boys! We needed to start this game strong to not give Auburn any momentum.

  • Auburn on pace for 160!!

  • holy mother of god. I’m watching on the internet, so i’m behind. but Auburn just made ANOTHER three! fuck.

  • Dedric forcing everything. ANOTHER freaking three. OMG.

  • Marcus just boxed out a guy instead of defending a layup attempt. and ANOTHER three. double fuck.

  • Well, i’m at work watching. Down 20. I think it’s time to turn it off and get some work done. Sorry, boys. I’ll try again in half an hour to see if it’s any better.

  • @jayhawkcsg lol. Nope

  • Upon further reflection… — we were simply outmanned and out-matured last night. Their experience and athleticism was too much for our youth.

    — it is kind of funny how the NCAA sets matchups. I don’t notice how other programs do or don’t get bad matchups, but to offer up two programs that attack our weakness (3pt D) is curious. I guess everybody shoots a ton of 3s now though, huh. Hard to avoid.

    — I didn’t get to watch the second half, but it seems we played better? At least the score said so.

    — This was an odd year for the team. Let’s hope it was an anomaly. Injuries, defections, rules infractions. All too much to overcome.

    — As for the players, my guess is that we will lose a few more guys…Dedric, KJ, Silvio, Chuck it up Charlie will all be gone. Grimes I don’t have a feel for. KJ I’m less certain about.

    — As for incoming players…we need some. the question is, are we a tainted program right now? If the freshmen steer clear, then Self will have to rely on transfers again, and maybe even a Juco?

    — we will need a new frontline, or most of a front line. Two power forwards, a backup center, a backup PG, and any kind of athlete who can help us defend under Self’s defensive philosophy, which seems outdated to me.

    — We will also lose an assistant or two, I predict. Townsend likely. Snacks should stay. He’s comedic relief.

    — Self seems committed to see the NCAA shit through to the end. Hope he stays. I do think he needs to look inward and evaluate his approach on a number of things…offense, defense, recruiting.

    — He says no easy buckets on defense, which means guarding the post in his eyes. I don’t think that works anymore. I’d like to see us stop hedging our guards down low. Stay with your guy on the outside, let the post survive on its own.

    — it has not been a fun year to be a fan. This NCAA crap was getting old even before this season, and got worse.

    — that being said, it’s always fun to watch the freshmen grow up. I saw growth with Big Dave. A bit up and down for Ochai. Bright future. Grimes I’m honestly not sure about. Does he need the ball in his hands more to be successful? He needs to work on his shot, and many other things. Dotson is fantastic. Very impressed with his first year. Imagine in a year or two when he gets confident in his shot.

    — Thanks for listening to my thoughts/rants. I’ve enjoyed the board this year. Mostly a calmer, more rational site. Apologies to any I’ve annoyed! 🙂

  • I hope you know I wasn’t specifically calling out you when I said ‘go start your own thread’.

  • @jayhawkcsg nice post

  • wissox said:

    I hope you know I wasn’t specifically calling out you when I said ‘go start your own thread’.

    Ha. That’s exactly why I created my own thread! I understand not everybody has the same disposition as I do when we are getting run out of the gym — as we were, which looked very familiar to other losses. I vented as such and you called me out.

    It’s fine if you don’t care for what I have to say. I generally try to be even-keeled and not piss people off, so I moved onto my own thread as suggested to not rock the boat on game day.

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