iPhone will not load page using cellular data

  • I have been having a weird problem for awhile with buckets. It works fine on my phone as long as I have a WiFi connection. Even a crappy hotel one like now. However it will not load no matter how good the signal is using cell service. All other webpages are fine to the best of my knowledge. Does anyone have any ideas?

  • works for me on AT&T cell iPhone while not on wifi

  • Try resetting your network settings on your phone.

    Settings>general>reset>reset network settings.

    Maybe? Possibly? Probably not, but something to try.

  • @Kubie Try turning wifi off when you need to go on the data network if you haven’t done that yet. My Samsung hangs like crazy when I switch and then seems to wake up if I go ahead and turn off wifi. (Neat thing about this is you can try it anywhere.)

  • @Kubie I’m not sure what’s going on here. When did this start? I’m going to upgrade the board over the break. I was going to do it last summer but we didnt really slow down and I made various other excuses not to. We can see where we stand after that. Hopefully they’ve addressed the issue.

  • It’s been going on all season, when I’'m home it’s not a problem but otherwise I’m subject to available wifi. I’ve tried all the tricks above, thanks guys for trying Hopefully the upgrade will shake something loose. But it bugs me that this is the only webpage that I have trouble with, you’d think something else would mess up as well.