Now Dr Seuss come to life in Lawrence.

  • Lmao wow, just when I thought I’ve seen it all.

  • Lol @ the “did the police request backup?” reply .

    alt text

  • These two people must not be from Lawrence, home of the most polite drivers in the entire world. I’ve lived here 16 years and never heard a horn honk (and believe me, I’ve earned at least a couple honks)

    A typical 4-way stop scenario here in Lawrence with two cars stopping at roughly the same time:

    Waves “go”

    Other person shakes head, waves “go”

    No, you go.

    No…I’m good. You go.

    You were here first.

    It’s a beautiful day. Go ahead.

    I wouldn’t feel right about it. You go.

    I’m not going.

    Please go… waves, nods, smiles…

    Both start to go at same time, stop, laugh, repeat.

  • Hilarious, but why does the byline for the story read Lawrenceville?

  • @wissox Typo

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