• @dylans Not a Syracuse or Boeheim fan, but I wouldn’t wish that on anyone. Prayers for everyone involved.

  • @dylans that would be a life-altering tragic event. Hope he wasn’t texting like so many people are these days. These kinds of accidents are happening so often, I’m afraid to pull over. I just saw on twitter an officer getting hit.

  • @Crimsonorblue22 I nearly hit a man wandering around on I-435 after a wreck one day. It scared the heck out of me, but not as much as him!

    I was driving a straight truck for standard beverage back in my college days. I had just come up to speed and crested a rise when I saw a wreck in my lane. There were cars on either side of my truck, so I hit the brakes hard and turned on my blinker. When cars saw me in a truck slowing down they hurried to get in the other lanes making it impossible for me to get over. So I braked harder yet making the truck start to slide a little bit sideways, fully loaded. About then miraculously someone let me get over into the other lane. I hit the gas to straighten the truck out about 150 feet from impacting the wrecked cars. However a dazed man came walking around the car picking up broken glass and he squatted down in my lane!!! I hit the horn and the breaks and looked for an open lane. There was no opening, I had to decide between killing this man and wrecking the 2 cars beside me and the traffic behind them. In than millisecond I had to react he jumped on his hood and I was able to pass harmlessly by. Although I needed a change of drawers afterwards lol

  • Mercy, tragic - -things like this can really effect a person too. - -Coach Boeheim has to live with this tragedy the rest of his life- - -just sad for everybody concerned. - Time heals. – - tragic accident - - -ROCK CHALK ALL DAY LONG BABY

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