My GOD what is our Society coming to?

  • Just seen this - -Came from KCTV News out of KC.

    Three fourteen year old boys and a twelve year ol boy in Baltimore - are being charged with rape of a 19 yr old woman. - she got off the transit bus and they ambushed her drug her in a back yard and raped here - just fricken sick

    The fourteen year old boys are being charges with 1st & 2nd degree rape - and being tried as ADULTS - -

    Yet her is the kicker - -the TWELVE year old has a butt load of charges on this - - being charged with 1st degree Rape - -3rd and 4th degree Sex Offense - -Conspiracy Kidnapping - - -Conspiracy Robbery - - - -Peverted Practice - -AND one count of Hand Gun on Person - -and is being charges as a juvenile - just sick - -

    Is this what Society becoming ? - -where the hell is the parents in this? - - Why in the hell does a TWELVE YR OLD have a Gun? - -his fricking dad probably gave it to him - -this is just so disgusting - if this is what it’s coming to – I don’t want any part of it – ROCK CHALK ALL DAY LONG BABY

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