Some interersting numbers

  • Some interesting numbers -the local sports talk show had yesterday.

    I know there were some fans still there for Coach Beaty , and I’ll admit I was one that was one of the last to cave and say Coach - -I love ya buddy BUT we just have to try something new -Coach Beaty is an awsome guy and I really like him - -BUT we just had to make a move - - go a different direction

    The hosts of the sports talk here in Topeka yesterday brought these numbers out - -just solidified one of the reasons we had to move.

    So last football Season -the football program generated right at 3.9 million - -for the season. - -WOW for the entire season in what? - -a 56,000 stadium? - – --compare that to K-State which these guys did as we know both being in the state - K-State’s football program for the year generated 12.5 million - -so you can see how we are lacking in that phase. - -NOW in basketball it’s just the opposite - -KU basketball generated - - 16 million - -in what ? - -a 16,3000 right? arena. - where K-State basketball was at 2.7 million - -so quite the difference there , although like these guys said they expect those basketball numbers to go up as K-State being a final 8 team last year and then with what they are doing this year.

    The whole just of this was that these guys were talking about how already Les Miles is paying dividends . - - All ready Les has gotten better recruits for the team with just like 2 months to work with - - BUT the big thing where he is paying off already - - - -KU is at already -they have gotten 97% sold for season tickets from last year. - - they already have right at as many season ticket holders as they had last year- - -thats the infusion the program needs. - -They gonna break that mark easy. - Like they said it would be really nice like if KU could get like attendance to be like right around 45,000 this year. v- - I’m looking forward - hard to think about being excited about our football team but people geting that way - looking to the future - - ROCK CHALK ALL DAY LONG BABY

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