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  • Just sittin here , looking and reading differn’t things passing the day. You know we as Jayhawk fans sit back and try to analyze this years KU’S team - - players and such - -giving our input and thoughts , suggestions - - spending time being critical of players at times of the team in general - -and I’m just as guilty and rightfully so sometimes yet I was thinking.

    At the present we seem focused on Quentin -Vick has had his share , but at the present more seems to be on Quentin. - -I’ve done my share - -now there are some and it’s not here , they trying to compare KU freshmen to like Duke’s freshman - -Kentucky’s freshmen - and to me that’s just not a fair comparison , seriously those freshmen are ranked where they are ranked for a reason - -they are going to try and compare these guys to Zion? - -RJ ? - -there is no fair comparison to that.

    Anyways got side tracked here - -but what I’m thinking is like has been said here , it has now gotten into Quentin’s head - - - -it doesn’t matter how good a kid is in high school , bottom line is it’s still a huge step from being THE MAN , the Stud - - the go to guy on your high school team to transittion to a major P-5 team/college basketball no matter how good you are , it just takes time for some kids - -some longer then others to adjust. Kids find out that some of the things they used to be able to get away with in high school um they can’t get away with in College - some of those moves - -crazy shots - -their athletism in high school over the others let them get away with some things - - not so in College.

    I think with Quentin for an example he come out guns blazing right off the bat against Michigan State and possibly thought oh ya this is simple - -I got this. - Then he has a game where he misses an easy shot - -one shot turns into two - -three - then doubt starts to creep in , he starts forcing things which in turn starts effecting other phases of his game - -bad passes - -silly fouls - -he starts to over think things in stead of what he is best at - -just go out and play quit trying to overthink every phase - -just let it go - -Now at this point he is playing so cautious he is worthless - -playing to tenative - playing afraid of getting yanked out - -instead of free. - -Again just play son - -play free do what you do best - my thoughts on Quentin

    Then also thinking you know we have people just wondering what the hell is wrong with this team - why aren’t we just breezing through - why aren’t we closing - -I’ve wondered that most of the season myself. - Just finally come to the conclussion we {KU ) - we are just not that type of team this year - -we don’t have that idenity - -do we HAVE an idenity ? - -We just don’t have that player -that true stud - -2 studs - -I mean Dedric is a stud but yet NOT a stud - -this is a team that’s just not gonna blow anybody away - - we are a team that’s going to have to bust ass - -night in - -night out - it’s a challenge every game - it’s just the way it is

    Then I get to thinking - - we as KU fans have just really become so spoiled from our history of the past - -from our game - - -gotten to the point for alot of people that nothing but perfection is acceptable - these kids are under so much pressure they feel representing the unniversity of Kansas - -some of them such as Quentin and others have trouble -are these kids having fun? - I mean some of mentioned how they don’t seem close as a team - -no high fives and such - -it has become more of a JOB then being able to have fun while your doing what you love to do , and that’s play Basketball - it has to be hard being under such a microscope - they CAN’T have fun because of the expectations year in and year out - -we are just flat ass spoiled and think the world is coming to and end.

    Then I sit back after all of this Quentin being in a major slump for most of the year - - Vick with his inconsistencies for most of the year - -with us losing our really true big time inside guy Doke for the year - -and what’s really turning into a non exhistent bench - for production - -yet even with all this - -here we ( KU ) are at 16-3 on the year - - here we are siting at the top of the league tied for 1st and the chance of yet STILL ANOTHER conference championship and think to myself -Damm Butler - -chill the hell out - -just sit back - -take it in - -enjoy this season for what it is - -enjoy these kids while their here back the hell up off them and let them play - -These are our boys - they give what they can every time out - -whether they have good nights - -bad nights their STILL our boys - ride with them - it’s gonna be ok. - I will bet anyone that there is at least 100 other schools if not more that would love to trade us places for what we got - -what we have accomplished - -I bet they would give anything to be 16-3 at this point of the year - - -we just got to chill out a bit we gonna be ok - -frustrated? - -sure but still ok. - - -ROCK CHALK ALL DAY LONG BABY

  • Your last paragraph says it all. Enjoy the ride and let’s hope we keep the streak alive!

    I’m not attending practices so I can’t really say what’s up with Q. He looks lost out there. I just don’t think the game has slowed down enough for him yet. Not sure how a guy can basically have half a game on the court and not put up any numbers. He seems to be chasing after the game when he should know where the game is and start getting in the middle of it!

  • I could not agree more. I think that we’ll, yet again, win the Big 12 (but probably not the conference tournament), and will have a chance to advance to the Sweet 16 in the dance. I think that most of these guys are going to come back next year, and they coupled with Braun and McBride (and, who knows?, fingers crossed maybe Hurt) would give us a pretty damn good team. Let’s watch some bball!

  • This will be a big stage on Saturday night, Grimes was excellent on the big stage at the Champions Classic, maybe this is the game he needs to break out.

  • Here’s a nice recent memory going into Saturdays Blueblood clash.

    Check out @gifhawk’s Tweet:

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