KU/Black Eye for sure

  • Jeez , I mean come on - -this kind of crap has just got to stop. - Man I’ telling you our School has sure been taking a hit from the public opinion recent in the last couple of years - just got to stop.

    Was just reading , and yes I know that THIS one is no longer here at the School , but as you know and I know will still be associated by the general public and be made with comments such as - ANOTHER ONE that went to KU, just more bad looks for KU

    Just read that a former Goal keeper from the KU soccer team ( Meghan Miller ) graduated in 2004 - now the age of 35 and was Coaching at a School in Seattle - -has been charged with 3rd degree of Child Molestation & 2 counts of 1 degree sexual Misconduct

    she was with the girl in 2014 started the relationship when the girl was 14 - and turned sexual when the girl turned 15 - -holy crap sure seems bad things for us just keep coming blacking the eye - when will this crap stop? - - - ROCK CHALK ALL DAY LONG BABY

  • To me this feels so far removed from her time at Kansas that, while unfortunate, is not a black eye for the University.

  • approxinfinity said:

    To me this feels so far removed from her time at Kansas that, while unfortunate, is not a black eye for the University.

    As long as some others that are KU haters and have been bashing the university for these types of things - - like Pooka - - -Vick - - - -Bragg - - - the whole scenario at the dorm for Athletes - -doesn’t take much if KU name is attached to the incedent in any way - -these KU haters will lock on to this and just run with this FULL BORE - hell they don’t care how long ago it was. - All they see it is another case associated with/about KU the - If these haters can find ANYTHING that puts KU in ANY kind of negative light they’ll do it - a bunch of bottom feeders - any take that can make KU look bad - the haters are on it. - Something on the lines of - -well just another case of what comes out of that mugger rapists women beaters university , and now they have become a child molester University too. – I can see that being said very easily - -that is what Ku haters live for.

  • I guess I’m not sure why this looks so bad apon KU as @approxinfinity its been over a decade since she was at KU and she was a student not an administrator or something. If you wanna google criminals I’m sure you can find dozens for most universities unfortunately. I’m just not seeing how any logical person could pin this on KU or even think it’s related.

  • @kjayhawks -your looking as a KU fan - -not a Kentucky fan - - - or any other fan which is many that have like for KU what soever.

    Your look at these people who if they see the article that is attached or was attached to KU facility - -student what the hell eve - -all they see in the Article mentions KU - -that’s all they need they don’t give a flyin flip when r it was 50 yrs ago or yesterday - -it STILLS deals with the word KU and that’s all these leeches need to run with. - -they emply this is what KU breeds out. - -but it’s ok if you don’t understand - - but I’m tellin ya it happens with this people - -I’ve went trough it personally with these idiots.

    If they can twist this around to where it fits their needs to make us look like a scum University they can and HAVE done it - -it’s ok I’m not asking you to understand just saying that’s all

  • Bragg was a pothead not a woman beater. He got cleared of that garbage, so you don’t need to listen to that trash.

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